Our Policies

Patient Rights

  • You have the right to receive accurate and easily understood information about your health plan, health

  • Competent, considerate and respectful care.

  • Personal inspection of your medical records in the presence of your medical provider.

  • Confidentiality of all communications pertaining to your medical care.

  • Information necessary to give informed consent before beginning any treatment or procedure, except in emergencies.

  • An explanation of your medical bill regardless of the source of payment and an opportunity to personally examine your bill.

  • The expectation that Health Alliance Associates will make every effort to overcome any cultural or language barriers that may exist between you and the staff.

  • You can file a grievance should a dispute arise regarding care or treatment.

Patient Responsibilities

  • Provide accurate and complete information about complaints, past illnesses, hospitalization, medication and other matters related to your health to the best of your knowledge.
  • Provide Health Alliance Associates Inc.  with your correct name, address, phone number, accurate insurance card (or proof of being uninsured), and emergency contact. Update all information each time you see your provider.
  • Tell your provider about all prescriptions or “over-the-counter” medications you take. Bring your bottles to your appointment.
  • Bring your child’s immunization record to every visit. 
  • Tell your provider about any changes in your condition, or reaction to medication or treatments.
  • Ask your provider questions when you do not understand your illness, treatment, or medication instructions.
  • Keep your appointment! Call at least 24 hours before your appointment to cancel.
  • Respect the rights and property of other patients and staff.

Grievance Policy

Health Alliance Associates is dedicated to the delivery of quality patient care. We recognize the need for policies and procedures to address patient grievances concerning the care and conditions of our facility, without fear of discrimination or punishment at the facility level. The purpose of our grievance policy is to:

  • Maintain open communication between patients and staff with regard to inquires, concerns or grievances;
  • Bring the appropriate people together to facilitate a resolution as quickly as possible;
  • Help patients feel comfortable when reporting their concerns without fear of mistreatment or retaliation;
  • Allow patients to remain anonymous and their cases confidential ( patients will be asked if when speaking with the facility their identity can be revealed);
  • Assist patients through the grievance process.

Filing a grievance

If you should experience a problem with a member of staff or difficulty in using our services, there are several courses of action you may elect to take.

  • If the problem is related to your medical or mental healthcare, please attempt to discuss your concerns with the healthcare/mental health practitioner who has been treating you. You may also request to be referred to the staff member’s supervisor or department head.
  • There may be times when a problem should be brought to the attention of the Supervising Physician/MH Director. If the incident involves medical care/ mental health you received, the Supervising Physician/MH Director will want to review your medical record and any other documentation you may want to provide to clarify the matter. Most problems can be resolved via discussion with the Supervising Physician/MH Director.
  • There may be situations where some serious grievances may be referred to and reviewed by the Governing Board of Health Alliance Associates Inc.  
  • The ultimate decision for a grievance that cannot be resolved will be determined by the President.  

Regardless of how you voice your concerns about your experiences, you are entitled to a review of and response to your concerns. We will make every reasonable effort to resolve any problems you may experience, and improving deficient areas wherever possible. 

You can file a grievance directly on our Forms page.